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Seas To Mulberries Is Deceptively Simple Magic With A Lingering Impact

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY, — Frank Watson draws thousands of followers with a deceptively simple magic…  His short form micropoetry on Twitter “is like gold leaves floating in the wind.” His most recent poetry collection Seas to Mulberries (Plum White Press) is receiving more accolades.

“….It’s refreshing to see his words in a bound format….readers will find Seas to Mulberriesilluminating.” His work is notable for its concise, yet powerful and deep imagery and emotional force. Haiku-like short poems, usually of 3-6 lines, focus on making a sudden impact while leaving a lingering impression of an image and a feeling. It continues to receive a very positive response from thousands of followers on Twitter, getting retweeted regularly and receiving multiple mentions.