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Trish Stevens and Ascot Media – The Great Change in the Global Book Business – by Michael Cogdill

When I went looking for a publicity group to launch my coming novel, She-Rain (debuting nationally in March, 2010), I longed for what I thought an impossibility:  People as professional as they are aggressive, confident, utterly tireless, devoted to blasting a title into mainstream media and equally committed to setting off a viral buzz that runs through the internet sphere as a virtual pandemic of the title/author brand.  That’s an order as tall as that sentence is long.  Trish Stevens and Ascot Media actually meet that standard, then go soaring over it.

Trish respects none of the usual boundaries of a work day.  When most of us sink into slumber, she’s up, on the phone, e-mailing, planning, expanding the contact base and looking for just the topical pitch that launches titles into the New York Times bestseller zone.  Too many publicity houses dwell on composing and sending news releases around shot-gun style at editors. Trish, rising far above this boilerplate approach, builds relationships on behalf of a title and the writer.  She garners the free media absolutely necessary to building a magnetic and credible brand that captures mindshare among media and key book buying demographics.  There’s no substitute for a publicist who knows how to get you and your book to make news.   Trish and her team are the most tireless news generators – and buzz makers – I’ve seen in the industry.

With my publishing house, Morgan James, I get to work with the legendary Rick Frishman and his terrific publicity group.  It’s a blessing.  Rick, however, completely blesses my added relationship with Trish and Ascot.  Brilliantly connected throughout today’s fragmented and change-laden media universe, Trish Stevens is a dedicated advocate, a creator of inevitable success, and an avowed enemy of complacency.  In a firmament of book titles, she’s a beautiful force behind many a rising star!  She and Ascot Media are stars in their own right.

Michael Cogdill
24 Time Emmy Winning Television Journalist
Winner of the National Edward R. Murrow Award for Feature Television
Author of She-Rain, a southern novel launching nationally in March, 2010 — Opening Pages of She-Rain Just Posted Here
Author of Cracker the Crab and the Sideways Afternoon – an inspirational book for children.