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Love Is Power: Receiving God’s Love Transforms Our Life So We May Inspire Others

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Love Is Power: Receiving God’s Love Transforms Our Life So We May Inspire Others

Chattanooga, TN – Dr. Timothy Jennings was named a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. In addition to maintaining a private practice as a board-certified Christian psychiatrist and certified master psychopharmacologist for many years, he is a lecturer, international speaker, and author of many widely-respected books.

In his latest book, The God-Shaped Heart: How Correctly Understanding God’s Love Transforms Us, Dr. Jennings explores the healing power of love and exposes a single idea, misunderstood and deeply rooted within Christianity, that has prevented many believers in God from experiencing the freedom and healing power of His unfailing love.

Human beings are experts at complicating things. We become trapped in cycles of shame, violence and addiction that steal our joy and prevent us from loving others. In his book, Dr. Jennings identifies eternal truths that open the heart to God’s love and offers a way to free us from this prison. It’s really very simple; the key to health and happiness is love ― God’s love for us and our love for others.

The author offers insights that make God’s love understandable, accessible and applicable to all ― including anyone frustrated with Christianity or who see it as negative and critical. In this compelling follow-up to The God Shaped Brain, Jennings takes an evidence-based approach to what he calls the “infection of thought” that keeps many Christians trapped in fear and insecurity. He lists seven stages of spiritual development to help people get out of this trap by correctly understanding God’s love. By transforming how they experience the world will improve every aspect of their life and help them become an inspiration to others by being a beacon of love, light and encouragement.

A Life-Fellow of the Southern Psychiatric Association, Dr. Jennings obtained his M.D. degree from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis and completed his psychiatric residency at D.D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia. Jennings is also the President and Founder of Come and Reason Ministries and has served as President of the Southern Psychiatric Association and Tennessee Psychiatric Association. He resides with his wife in Chattanooga, TN.

His other books include: Could It Be This Simple? A Biblical Model for Healing the Mind, The Journal of the Watcher, The Remedy New Testament Expanded Paraphrase and The God-Shaped Brain: How Changing Your View of God Transforms Your Life.

For more information about Dr. Jennings and to hear his lectures, please visit the website: www.comeandreason.com.

The God-Shaped Heart: How Correctly Understanding God’s Love Transforms Us
Baker Books
Released: September 2017
Available at:


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