Testimonial for Ascot Media Group from author, Randall Bell

Ascot has been terrific to work with, and they do get results.
I have used a few different PR firms. Many are a rabbit hole of promises and false hopes. Ascot is the real deal. They did a great job with my first book. They secured numerous high-end endorsements, over 50 reviews, 4 TV interviews and multiple radio and pod-cast interviews. At one point, I had too many interviews! Trish is sincere and they all work hard. I just signed up with two more books with them, and the results are even better. I am happy with their results, and I do recommend them.

Randall Bell, PhD
Me We Do Be: The Four Cornerstones of Success
Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around The World


Debut Story Shares Inspiring Tale Of Baseball’s Impact On Small Iowa Town

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Debut Story Shares Inspiring Tale Of Baseball’s Impact On Small Iowa Town

Minneapolis, MN ― In the fictional village of Cottage Park, Iowa, time is best measured not by the hands of a clock but by the innings in a baseball game. In this quiet, northwestern Iowa community where businesses are shuttered and economic stability is scarce, two institutions flourish: the Holy Trinity Church – as spectacular as any Roman cathedral – and the local, dusty baseball diamond.

Set within a single baseball season in 1974, Tommy Murray’s debut novel, Fathers, Sons, and the Holy Ghosts of Baseball, follows 14-year-old T.J., along with a band of misbehaving teens and three cantankerous old coaches, as the high school baseball team makes a concerted push for the championship – a summit never yet reached by the team from Holy Trinity High School.

For the coaches, the elusive championship looms large as they enter their final baseball season before retirement. For the players, the road to the finals is a confirmation by fire – a rite of passage they must navigate before facing the realities of adulthood.

Along this entertaining, coming-of-age journey, young and old alike ultimately learn that you must sacrifice before you can gain and sometimes lose before you can win.

Author Tommy Murray is a retired teacher from the Minneapolis Public Schools. He is also the author of the forthcoming novel, The Empty Set. Murray is married to Mary Ann, and they reside in Shoreview, Minnesota. In Fathers, Sons, and the Holy Ghosts of Baseball, Murray pays homage to his uncle, who led his high school team to its first state championship back in 1943. His uncle went on to enlist in the army and lost his life when his tank unit was ambushed in the Philippines in 1945.

In Murray’s world, where his father, uncles and grandfathers shared their legacies of devotion to church, patriotism and baseball, baseball is life and death. It’s much more than a sport. Baseball is a religion.

Follow this link to hear an interview with the author and the University of St. Thomas: https://tinyurl.com/y8n4hgjg.

Fathers, Sons, and the Holy Ghosts of Baseball
Beaver’s Pond Press
Release date: October 3, 2017
ISBN-10: 1592986293
ISBN-13: 978-1592986293
Available from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.


11th Annual Clusterbusters Conference Presents Exciting New Research, Advocacy And Treatment Options For Cluster Headache Patients

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11th Annual Clusterbusters Conference Presents Exciting New Research, Advocacy And Treatment Options For Cluster Headache Patients

Austin, TX ― The Clusterbusters 11th Annual Patient Conference, the largest gathering of cluster headache patients in history, will be September 15th-18th
at the Holiday Inn, Austin Midtown. Bringing together patients, their families, doctors and researchers to educate all involved, Clusterbusters also advances research, advocates for improved treatments and collaborates on legislative changes needed to end needless suffering and financial inequality.

Clusterbusters is uniting the voices of the families suffering from this debilitating disease. Cluster headaches, nicknamed “suicide headaches,” have a suicide rate 20 times the national average. The pain is so severe that most people suffering from the disease hide their suffering from family, friends and employers; celebrities and sports figures hide their condition for fear of losing their high-paying jobs.

Clusterbusters is directly involved in supporting exciting new research to be featured during the weekend conference. Presentations on genetic research at McGill University in Montreal, new treatment research studies through Eli Lilly, a psychological burden and quality of life study at the University of West Georgia, non-invasive devices presented by Electrocore, minimally invasive surgical implants conducted by Autonomic Technologies, and psilocybin research in partnership with Yale University and the VA will be included. Inspiration is the theme, highlighted throughout the program, commencing the evening of the 15th with registration and a cocktail hour reception.

For more information and conference registration, please visit: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=asfwt7iab&oeidk=a07ebp2jbca9e8a3010


Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine’s Day Mystery: Read the Book. Audition for the Movie. See it on the Big Screen.

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Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine’s Day Mystery: Read the Book. Audition for the Movie. See it on the Big Screen.

Denver, CO – Reading clubs everywhere – be on alert! Knox Chase is making his way to bookshelves and this super sleuth kid is gaining the admiration of middle school-aged kids everywhere – with the added benefit that the magical nature of these stories helps kids learn how to solve their own problems.

The book, Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine’s Day Mystery by Adam Lipsius will be released in January, 2016. Additionally, the production is already scheduled for a motion picture in association with Sean Covel (the producer of “Napoleon Dynamite”) and Casting Director Mary Jo Slater (“The Contender” and “Dumb and Dumber”) – and the producers will be holding an online casting contest, providing the opportunity for aspiring kid actors and actresses to be in the movie, maybe even one of the lead characters.

Meet KC Green. KC is a small-town kid with a big-time imagination — and an even bigger secret. He can see the pulp fiction detective he was named for, from the 1930s & 40s Knox Chase on the Case novels. He even talks to him, which gets a little awkward since no one else can see the guy, and because this salty film noir gumshoe lands our hero into all kinds of little kid trouble.

When a mysterious stranger bumps into KC on Valentine’s Day, however, and they mix up envelopes, a thriller lands in KC’s lap and grown-up trouble breaks out all over town. His music teacher gets run over. The school janitor is framed for attempted murder. Even KC and his friends have to fight for their lives.

Unfortunately, the town’s chief detective is a nitwit, his son is a bully and the more KC investigates, the more trouble his dad gets in with his mom for hooking KC on sleuthing in the first place. Their marriage could be in the most trouble of all.

It takes KC’s wits, his invisible partner, his best friend Ben and even the girl he gets so nervous around he can’t speak to her, in order to figure out the Case of the Valentine’s Day Mystery.  

“It’s the kind of book you grew up on,” says Adam. “… Where kids face danger, make mistakes and keep fighting to save the day.”

Adam Lipsius attended USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. He is an accomplished author, feature film director, producer and screenwriter. His movie, “16-LOVE” was distributed in 2012 by Warner Bros. Digital, Gravitas Ventures and Entertainment One. He graduated from Dartmouth College where he wrote his first book, The Birth of Dr. Seuss. Additionally, he has received numerous awards for his short films and commercials.

Release Date: January 2016
Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine’s Day Mystery
By Adam Lipsius
Uptown 6
ISBN: 978-0615988887


Solve The Number One Problem With Today’s Young Workforce – The Soft Skills Gap

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Solve The Number One Problem With Today’s Young Workforce – The Soft Skills Gap

New Haven, CT – The number one challenge with today’s young talent is a problem hiding in plain sight: the ever-widening “soft skills gap.” Today’s newest young workforce has so much to offer — new technical skills, new ideas, new perspective, new energy. Yet too many of them are held back—and driving the grown-ups crazy—because of their weak soft skills.

Here’s what managers say:

– “They just don’t know how to behave professionally.”
–  “They arrive late, leave early, dress inappropriately, and spend too much time on social media.”
– “They know how to text, but they don’t know how to write a memo.”
– “They don’t know what to say and what not to say or how to behave in meetings.”
– “They don’t know how to think, learn, or communicate without checking a device.”
– “They don’t have enough respect for authority and don’t know the first thing about good citizenship, service, or teamwork.”

Soft skills may be harder to define and measure than hard skills, but they are just as critical. People get hired because of their hard skills but often get fired because of their soft skills.

Managers ask: “Why should it be my problem to teach these soft skills? They should have learned these things from their parents or in school. How can I teach these soft skills when I don’t even remember how I learned them myself?”

Here’s the bad news: Setting a good example or simply telling young workers they need to improve their soft skills isn’t enough. Nor is scolding them or pointing out their failings in an annual review.

Here’s the good news: You can teach the missing basics to today’s young talent.

Now, based on more than twenty years of research, renowned expert on the Millennial workforce Bruce Tulgan offers concrete solutions to help managers teach the missing basics of professionalism, critical thinking, and followership — complete with 92 step-by-step lesson plans designed to be highly flexible and easy to use.

Tulgan’s research and proven approach has shown that the key to teaching young people the missing soft skills lies in breaking those skills down into their component parts and concentrating on one component at a time with the help of a teaching-style manager. Almost all of the exercises can be done in less than an hour within a team meeting or an extended one-on-one. The exercises are easily modified and customized and can be used in many different ways:

– As “take-home” exercises for any individual or group
– To guide one-on-one discussions with direct reports
– In the classroom as written exercises or in group discussions

Managers—and their young employees—will find themselves returning to their favorite exercises over and over again. Through one exercise at a time, managers will build up the most important soft skills of their new young talent. These critical soft skills can make the difference between mediocre and good, between good and great, and between great and “one of a kind.”

About the Author:

Bruce Tulgan is an adviser to business leaders all over the world and a sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader. He is the founder and CEO of RainmakerThinking, Inc., a management research and training firm, as well as RainmakerThinking.Training, an on-line training company. Bruce is the best-selling author of numerous books including The 27 Challenges Managers Face (2014), Not Everyone Gets a Trophy (2009), It’s Okay to be the Boss (2007), Winning the Talent Wars (2001), FAST Feedback (1999), and the classic Managing Generation X (1995). His work has been the subject of thousands of news stories around the world. He has written pieces for numerous publications, including the New York Times, USA Today, the Harvard Business Review, Training Magazine, and Human Resources. Bruce also holds a fifth-degree black belt in classical Okinawan Uechi Ryu Karate Do. He lectures periodically at the Yale University School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife Dr. Debby Applegate, author of the Pulitzer-Prize winning biography The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher (2006) as well as Madam: The Notorious Life and Times of Polly Adler (forthcoming 2016).

For more information, please go to: www.rainmakerthinking.com.

About the Publisher:

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Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: Teaching the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent
By Bruce Tulgan
Publisher: Wiley/Jossey-Bass;
ISBN: 9781118725641
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in bulk at 800 CEO Read.