National Enquirer’s Own Columnist, Mike Walker, Pens Yet Another Winner In Out For Blood

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National Enquirer’s Own Columnist, Mike Walker, Pens Yet Another Winner In Out For Blood

Houston, TX – Mike Walker, veteran columnist for the National Enquirer and accomplished author, is the only reporter to have ever written two bestselling books on the same major story! This was accomplished when he penned Nicole Brown Simpson: Private Diary of a Life Interrupted with Faye Resnick which hit the #1 New York Times bestselling spot and, just months later, Private Diary of an OJ Juror, co-written with Michael Knox, which hit the #5 spot.

This highly respected author is now drawing rave reviews for his latest hilarious book, Out for Blood. In true form, Walker’s lead character is Clark, who just happens to be the #1 go-to guy for gossip in Hollywood and who makes a living by revealing everyone’s secrets. But only a handful of people know he’s a vampire. This proves to be a real bonus since he uses his power to get the best scoop on the hottest stars of the day!

Mike, a record-breaking regular on Howard Stern’s top-rated radio show for 16 years, has been dubbed “the Hemingway of gossip” by shock-jock Stern. Walker’s inimitable skill as a storyteller, coupled with his charm and unassuming wit, has made him an all-time favorite on television and radio and a repeat guest on such top TV shows as Nightline, Larry King Live, The O’Reilly Factor, Maury, Nancy Grace, Joan Rivers, A Current Affair, Entertainment Tonight, and Politically Incorrect. (Note: Nancy Grace, in her novel The Eleventh Victim, featured “Mike Walker of Snoop Magazine.”)

Mike hosted the nationally syndicated ‘Mike Walker Show’ on the Westwood One Network (CBS) for years that was heard on 165 stations nationwide and 24 BBC affiliates and independent stations throughout Great Britain. He was also co-anchor on ‘Geraldo,’ making more appearances than any other guest on that show ever! He then created and hosted the MGM-TV hit series, “National Enquirer TV.” Although best known for his skills as Hollywood’s #1 source of celebrity gossip, Mike Walker is also the highly respected author of several successful books to date, including the novel Malicious Intent.

Walker has lectured on journalism and gossip at such distinguished journalism schools as the University of California at Berkeley and Columbia University. He also scored the prestigious invitation to become a Fellow of Ireland’s legendary Trinity College, Dublin.
Walker and his wife of 40 years live in both Palm Beach, Florida, and in Los Angeles, California. They raised two children, both of whom are grown.

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Out for Blood
by Mike Walker
Publisher:  The Writer’s Coffee Shop
ISBN:  978-1612131573
Available nationwide at independent and major book stores, including


Hump Pilot – Paying Homage to the Little Known Heroes of WWII

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Hump Pilot – Paying Homage to the Little Known Heroes of WWII

Vienna VA – The Hump, as the WWII airlift over the Himalayas was called, was a peril-fraught yet vital mission for which many pilots lost their lives.  In Hump Pilot  (The History Publishing Company), Nedda R. Thomas gives an authentic first-hand account of a brave man’s war story, and provides a piece of history not often portrayed in books.

“My father was a modest man and rarely spoke of his wartime service,” says the author. “When I persuaded him to share his experiences, I was able to see a different dimension of him, not as a father but as an American hero.”

Hump pilots suffered horrifying mortality rates, and though little remembered today, their sacrifices still speak volumes.  Thomas adds, “Their mission over the tallest mountains on earth is largely forgotten even by military readers. Yet the Hump is the missing link to the entire pursuit of World War II in Asia.  These pilots were critical to Nationalist China and to every Allied ground and flying unit there, and they put their lives on the line with every takeoff.”

In a well-researched, well-paced, compelling account, Ned Thomas’ character emerges – that of a true gentleman.  As a young pilot he had dashing good looks, good humor, and a humbling quality.  His story is one of courage and fortitude.  Along with other men in the Hump, his mission saved lives and honored his country.  Through his daughter’s writing, readers climb on-board a historical roller coaster, as a piece of nearly-lost history comes back to life.

About the author
Nedda Thomas has published numerous articles about creative and significant figures.  She also writes poetry, and has worked as a magazine editor.  Growing up in a
military/diplomatic family, she lived in the U.S., France, and the Far East. She holds a master’s degree in human development, and attended seminary.  Family memories help nurture her passion for history; she speaks French and English, and lectures on several different topics.

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Hump Pilot:  Defying Death Flying the Himalayas During World War II
By Nedda R. Thomas
The History Publishing Company
ISBN 978-1940773094
Available in fine bookstores and online: